LibreOffice επεξεργαστής κειμένου/Χρησιμοποιώντας φόρμες

Chapter 15

Using Forms in Writer=
 When to use forms==
    Alternatives to using forms in Writer===
 Creating a simple form==
    Create a document===
    Form toolbars===
    Design Mode===
    Insert form controls===
    Configure controls===
    Using the form===
    Form controls reference===
 Example: a simple form==
    Create the document===
    Add form controls===
    Configure form controls===
    Finishing touches===
 Accessing data sources==
    Creating a database===
    Accessing an existing data source===
    Creating a form for data entry===
    Entering data into a form===
 Advanced form customization==
    Linking a macro to a form control===
    Read-only documents===
    Fine-tuning database access permissions===
    Form control formatting options===