LibreOffice επεξεργαστής κειμένου/Δουλεύοντας με πεδία

Chapter 14

Working with Fields=
 Introduction to fields==
 Quick and easy field entry==
 Using document properties to hold information that changes==
 Using other fields to hold information that changes==
 Using AutoText to insert often-used fields==
 Defining your own numbering sequences==
    Create a number range variable===
    Use AutoText to insert a number range field===
 Using automatic cross-references==
    Prepare items as targets for cross-referencing===
    Insert cross-references===
 Using fields in headers and footers==
 Using fields instead of outline numbering for chapter numbers==
 Tricks for working with fields==
    Keyboard shortcuts for fields===
    Fixing the contents of fields===
    Converting fields into text===
 Developing conditional content==
    Choose the types of conditional content to use===
    Plan your conditional content===
    Create the variable===
    Apply the condition to the content===
    Change the value of the variable===
    Editing hidden paragraphs and sections===
 Using placeholder fields==