LibreOffice επεξεργαστής κειμένου/Δουλεύοντας αρχικά εγγραφα

Chapter 13

 Working with Master Documents=
  Why use a master document?==
  Styles and master documents==
  Using the Navigator==
  Creating a master document==
  Splitting one document into a master document and subdocuments===
  Combining several documents into a master document===
  Starting with no existing documents===

Editing a master document==

  Changing the appearance of the document===
  Editing subdocuments===

Cross-referencing between subdocuments== Creating one file from a master document and its subdocuments== Problem solving==

  Including a chapter reference in the header of the first page===
  Including landscape pages in a portrait-oriented master document===
  Anchoring pictures to a page===